Stuck On Your Persuasive Essay? 10 Guidelines To Help You Get Started

No doubt, how much you have knowledge regarding the given stance of persuasive writing but without proper planning, you can get stuck at any point. You can find yourself helpless but there is always a way out of the problem. To write an essay to convince the readers, here is a list of some points that can help you out if you are stuck in the middle of writing.
So, read it carefully and try to follow them if you face an unfavorable situation.

Narrow down the Topic

The first reason that you can find yourself stuck is that maybe you have focused on a topic that is broad and you have more information that is not easy to process. So, in order to move on with your list of argumentative essay topics, it is essential to go back and look at the topic carefully. Narrow down it according to one perspective and your stance; then you can move forward with the research and further discussion.

Know Your Audience

If you are writing your persuasive piece of writing, then you should know who is your audience. Sometimes, the readers are high school readers but you try to use very complex language and vocabulary which even makes you lose your grip on the essay. So, know your audience and write according to it. You don’t need to make things complex for no reason.

Ask Questions

Remember the power of questions as whenever in persuasive writing you are stuck, ask yourself where you have made mistakes. It will help you to look critically at the points that you have chosen and then, you can select the shortcomings that are creating the main hurdle.

Make an Outline

Students easily start the essay without any format or outline but when they start writing, they find themselves stuck at one point. So, it's better to make an outline first; figure out what points you want to cover; put them in separate topic sentences and then move towards writing them in the form of the first draft.

Read Credible resources

Multiple sources of information are available on the internet in the form of informative articles and blogs but it does not mean that all those sources are credible. Some sources can be biased and some are based on the common knowledge that is not based on any empirical data. To write my essay, I have used the sources available in online libraries or published in any journal. These sources can provide you with clear points that can aid you in making your persuasive writing logical and convincing.

Search for Opposing Sides

Do you think your essay seems biased? Or you are unable to bring balance to it? The easy solution for this problem is to search for the opposing argument as it will let you explore multiple perspectives on the topic. Just like you, your audience can be stuck at one point so you have to touch both sides and, in this way, you can bring balance to your essay.

Emphasize your Stance

The major reason for losing track of your essay is that you may find yourself exaggerating one point, instead of focusing on the main stance. Do not use an extra content word or general information that the audience already knows. Directly take a stance and connect all your sub-claims with it in the form of a thesis statement. Follow your thesis statement and include evidence according to it as well. It will help you to focus rather than consider your scattered thoughts.

Use Persuasive Techniques

Persuading your readers can not be an easy task and if you’ll try to convince your readers without any technique then, you can face difficulty. So, it is preferable to use persuasive techniques such as logos, pathos, and ethos as they can help you to persuade your audience effectively.

Be Organized

It means that you need to follow a format which is an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. There is no need to make things complicated and even in one paragraph, and you are supposed to focus on the example of an argumentative essay outline. It will bring organization to your essay and you will prevent complications.

Take Online Help

Many websites provide essay writing and assisting facilities as they can guide you in writing an effective essay if you get stuck. You can even go for the option of “write my paper for me” and ask them to help you where you are stuck. But be careful, it’s your work so keep track of changes that are done to maintain your stance in the essay.
These are a few tips that can help you out if you find yourself stuck in the middle of the essay. It can take time because you need to fix things from the start but after considering these points, your essay can turn out to be good and effective.